Top 7 Things to Do in Edirne

Top 7 Things to Do in Edirne

Edirne is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its history-scented streets, magnificent architecture and cuisine full of unique flavors. For this reason, Edirne is always one of the most preferred cities by both tourists and students. Edirne is an indispensable city with its easy transportation, friendly people and places appealing to students. If you are traveling to Edirne, get ready to discover the most enjoyable and unforgettable activities in the city. Here are 7 must-do activities in Edirne:

1) Shopping and Entertainment at Erasta AVM:

The modern face of Edirne Erasta Shopping CenterIt is one of the most frequented spots in the city, where both local and national brands are available. Although it is a large shopping center, it is also an entertainment center. Here you can shop, eat delicious Edirne food and watch the latest movies in the cinema. Notable for being right in the city centre. Erasta Shopping MallIt will always continue to be an indispensable stop for entertainment and shopping enthusiasts in Edirne.

2) Visit to Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex:

One of the most magnificent examples of Ottoman architecture Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex, 'UNESCO World Heritage List'It is located in. Considered the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, this work is a high-level architectural marvel that adorns the beauty of the city. Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Social ComplexIt is one of the indispensable places of the modern world, with its aesthetics that smells of history and its story that is as beautiful as itself. You can witness history by visiting the mosque and take a walk in the courtyard of the complex. It is very likely that you will feel like you are in the Ottoman period while walking. More about Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex If you want to get information Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex and the Secret of the Inverted Tulip We strongly recommend you to read our blog post.

3) Delicious Walk on Saraçlar Street:

One of the historical and lively streets of Edirne Saraçlar Streetis one of the city's leading stops to experience traditional Edirne cuisine at its best. It is inevitable to taste delicious flavors and feel the magical atmosphere of Edirne by walking on this street. For more detailed information Edirne Saraçlar Street blog post you can look.

4) Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling

Another branch that Edirne is famous for is Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling. This event, held every year in July, is a festive event where wrestlers from all over Turkey compete fiercely with each other. If you come to Edirne in July At the Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling You can watch the friendship and fierce struggle of the wrestlers and feel the warmth of the people. Alright I came to Edirne, but where will I stay? You may be thinking. Göncü Group We are honored to host you in our organization. Moreover Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling If you want to learn about how young talents develop and the rules of wrestling, you can visit Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling We suggest you take a look at our blog post.

5) Nightlife in Edirne Bar Street:

Edirne Bar Streetis where the heart of the city's nightlife beats. This street, full of colorful lights, the ever-present sounds of live music and various bars, has an atmosphere that makes the night fun. For some bar Street in some Ayşekadın This street, known as the district, is the perfect place to spend a nice night with your friends.

6) Walking and Breakfast on Meriç River:

To take full advantage of the peaceful atmosphere of Edirne Meriç River You can take a peaceful walk along the shore. You can watch the sun set by sitting in the cafes on the banks of the river and have a breakfast full of local delicacies. Meriç River To fully learn its historical importance and story Meriç River: The Fascinating Road of the Balkans You can read our blog post.

7) Unforgettable Kakava Festivals:

One of the unforgettable events of Edirne is Kakava Festivalsis. These festivals, also known as Hıdırellez, are celebrated as the heralds of spring. You can experience the energy and enthusiasm of Edirne by participating in these festivals full of music, dance, traditional costumes and fire dancing shows.

Edirne offers unforgettable memories to its visitors with its historical riches, delicious cuisine and lively atmosphere. By trying these activities, you will have a great opportunity to discover the cultural and fun side of the city. Whether you are planning a travel with your loved ones or on your own, you should definitely come to Edirne and benefit from its unique blessings. Also, when it comes to where you need to stay in Edirne, Göncü Group We would be happy to welcome you on site.