Edirne Saraçlar Street

Edirne Saraçlar Street

Edirne Saraçlar Street, As you know from our previous articles, Edirne, one of Turkey's history-filled cities, is famous both as the capital of the Ottoman Empire and for its cultural riches. Part of Edirne's historical and cultural heritage Edirne Saraçlar Streetis one of the most symbolic and diverse areas of the city. Let's take a beautiful journey together on this historical street of Edirne.

Saraçlar Streetis located in the center of Edirne and in the historical heart of the city. This historical street is known as a busy place with historical shops, buildings and tradesmen from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Saraçlar Street, especially its name Saddlery It was named after the tradesmen who made it, and there are still businesses that continue this tradition.

Saraçlar Street is one of the most important places that reflects the urban life in Edirne. Just like Istiklal Street in Istanbul. It is known as the focal point of the city's most important commercial flow. Saraçlar StreetThere are many commercial buildings in the city that have survived from the pre-Republican period to the present day and are immovable cultural values that need to be protected. While wandering around this historical street, different unique smells will take you away. Those who visit Saraçlar Street will witness the friendliness of the shop owners and the warm-bloodedness of the people of Edirne most closely and sincerely in the content of this street.

There are characteristically different buildings on both wings of the street, which has a total length of about 700 meters. Different development permits granted in the past have created significant differences in character. We see that the western wing adjacent to the Alipaşa Grand Bazaar is dominated by buildings with narrow facades, varying between 3-7 meters in width, with three or fewer floors, many of which are immovable cultural assets. Most of these buildings in the west wing, which mostly consist of jewelers, white goods, shoes and cafeterias, have preserved their original qualities.

On the eastern wing, only a few buildings have been preserved. Before it could be taken under protection, it was demolished and new buildings were built in its place. The buildings in the east wing have functions such as post office, bank and commercial buildings. The incompatibility between the designs of these buildings on both wings of the street has resulted in both visual pollution and the loss of these buildings, which are cultural assets that need to be protected.

A Short Journey on Edirne Saraçlar Street

Together On Saraçlar Street Let's take a little tour. On the left, right opposite the PTT Headquarters Alipaşa BazaarThere is one of the entrance gates of . The bazaar has six entrance gates. We learn that there are 130 shops in this bazaar, which is flocked by local and foreign tourists.

Saraçlar Street, is surrounded not only by historical buildings, but also by important tourist attractions around it. While walking along the street, you can come across important historical buildings such as Selimiye Mosque. You can also easily reach Edirne's historical bazaars, restaurants and cafes. Passing through Alipaşa Bazaar Edirne Saraçlar StreetWe go up to ' and turn right. On the right after passing the PTT Fountain of Love There is a monumental structure called .

It was built in 2009, when this street was closed to traffic and opened to pedestrians. Etime, the meeting point of rivers and cultures; It was an important city of the Thracian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. It also served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 92 years. In this work called Sevda Fountain, the ancient civilizations that lived in Edirne with lion cage masks and the Ottoman period are depicted with the fountain and the reliefs on it.

What can be done in Saraçlar Street?

Saraçlar StreetIt is accepted by everyone as the shopping center of Edirne. There are shops selling handcrafted goods, traditional souvenirs and local products along the street. Shopping here is a great way to bring Edirne's rich cultural heritage into your home. If you want to leave unforgettable tastes on your palate from Edirne's unique cuisine, Edirne Saraçlar Street It offers you many options in this regard. You will have the opportunity to taste the special flavors of Edirne at the restaurants on the street and you do not want to miss this opportunity. Especially Edirne Meatballs, Leaf Liver, Fried Liver I recommend you not to leave without trying other traditional dishes.

In conclusion Saraçlar Streetis an indispensable street for those who want to discover Edirne's history, culture and food. Walking along the streets of this historical street can take you back to the Ottoman period for a moment. It offers a unique experience that brings together Edirne's past and present. Edirne Saraçlar StreetLocated at the entrance of the Historical Great Selimiye Mosque If you want to have an opinion about it, Edirne Selimiye Mosque and the Secret of the Inverted Tulip Don't forget to take a look at our blog post.