5 Facts About the Old Mosque

5 Facts About the Old Mosque

Old Mosque Edirne is one of the cities of Turkey full of historical artifacts and riches. Edirne has witnessed most of the Ottoman Empire and has hosted many historical monuments. Among these works in Edirne Old Mosque It has an important feature both in terms of architecture and history.

Old MosqueIt was built in the early 15th century. After the conquest of Edirne, Sultan II. This mosque, built by Murad II, is one of the important buildings of the early times of the Ottoman Empire. The construction of the mosque was carried out by the well-known Ottoman architect of the period, Hacı Alaaddin.

Old MosqueIt is an element of a didactic structure that reflects the characteristics of Turkish-Islamic architecture. The most striking feature of the mosque is that it is equipped with cut stone workmanship that represents the architectural structure of the period. The minaret of the mosque has an elegant and delicate structure and is equipped with various geometric decorations. The interior of the mosque is covered with a large dome and the decorations on the walls are extremely impressive. Edirne Saraçlar StreetThis mosque, located at the entrance of , is surrounded by various restaurants, shops and fairgrounds. Since it is located right on the street, it is easily accessible by both public transportation services and taxis. Right across from the mosque in all its glory Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Complex It stands. Just below is the famous Ali Pasha bazaar.

One of the strangest features of this Mosque is that it was built later and has become one of the symbols of Edirne. Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex its relationship with. Another name is Great Selimiye Mosque This building, built by Mimar Sinan, is known as one of the largest mosques of the Ottoman Empire. Selimiye Mosque construction During the period, it was decided to demolish this Mosque, but this decision was later changed. For this reason, the Mosque, along with the Selimiye Mosque, has historical and cultural importance, and these two structures form an integral part of Edirne's cultural heritage.

Artistic and Architectural Value of the Old Mosque

The mosque, apart from being just a place for religious duties, leads to an artistic value. The decorations of the interior reflect the artistic approach of that period and offer visitors to the Mosque the opportunity to discover the rich cultural values of the Ottoman Empire. However, it opens a window to the social life of the period in the square of the Mosque and its surroundings.

Restoration Procedures of the Old Mosque

Old Mosque, It has undergone repairs in various periods until today. However, due to the influence of time and environmental factors, the restoration and maintenance of the Mosque became necessary at times. With the importance given to the cultural heritage of our country, Old Mosque has also had its share of these repair projects. The recent detailed restoration processes have reflected the old magnificence of the mosque to this day and created a fascinating and aesthetic environment for those who visit it.

Old Mosque Visit

Those who want to visit and visit the Mosque will find many reasons to discover the fascinating atmosphere of this historical monument. Entrance to the Mosque is free and visitors can explore the elegant, aesthetic details of the interior, breathe in its historical atmosphere and experience silence in the peaceful surroundings of worshipers. They can also have a good time in the courtyard of the Mosque, wander the historical streets of Edirne and explore other historical buildings of the city. Local traditional handicrafts, markets, local shops and restaurants located near the mosque offer both foreign and domestic visitors to Edirne the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the city.

Sustainability and Future of the Old Mosque

Old Mosquemust play a role in transferring its historical and cultural value to future generations. For this reason, infrastructure and protection measures around the Old Mosque should be developed and guidance and event services should be provided to provide an even better experience for its visitors.

Comparison of the Old Mosque and Selimiye Mosque

Old Mosque And Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex The differences and similarities between them should also be noticed. Both buildings were gifted to us during the Ottoman Empire, but they have different architectural styles. Selimiye MosqueWhile coming to life under the mastery of Mimar Sinan, Old Mosque It reflects a more traditional Ottoman architecture. These two mosques offer different perspectives to visitors who want to discover Edirne's historical values and the architectural diversity of the period. These two structures will continue to be an important symbol of Edirne by establishing a link between the past and the future. https://goncugroup.com.tr